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What is a labor doula?

A labor doula is a person who assists a pregnant mother and her family through the prenatal, birth, and postpartum periods. A doula does not practice medicine or do any medical procedures. A doula assists with research based informational support, emotional support, and physical support.

What is the benefit of using a doula?

Studies have shown that a labor doula can decrease your chances of having a cesarean section by 50%, a shorter labor by 25%, epidural requests by 60%, oxytocin use by 40%, analgesia use by 30%, and forceps delivery by 40% (Mothering the mother, Klaus1993)   What would a labor doula do for you?

A labor doula uses techniques such as position changes and massage to make your labor and birth the one that you want. A labor doula helps you to understand what is happening and your options in an emergency. A labor doula is also useful for the expectant father too. A labor doula can relieve some pressure by allowing your partner to take breaks with out leaving you alone and allow him the time to enjoy the birth of the baby with you.